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On larger quantities and/or heavier weight mailings we can save you up to 30%* of your postage bill using our bespoke Mailsort system.

What is Mailsort?

Mailsort is a means of obtaining Royal Mail postage discounts by pre-sorting the mail into regional and local sorting office batches prior to posting, thus doing part of the Royal Mail's job for them.

Discounts can be quite substantial, especially when heavier weight items are involved. The first discount is that the postage cost is a straight line price based on exact weight, rather than a weight range (ie - if an item weighs 90g then you only pay for 90g, not 100g), after that an additional percentage discount is available depending on the level of sorting and quantity of mail. 'Directs' are sorted down to local sorting office level whilst 'Residues' can only be sorted to regional sorting offices. This second level of discount is impossible to calculate in advance of actually sorting the data and doing the mailing.

Entry requirements for Mailsort.

The minimum number of items per mailing is 4,000 letter-sized items or 1,000 packet-sized items. Letter-sized items are no larger than C5+ (240mm x 165mm) and no heavier than 60g. Packet-sized items are larger than C5+ and heavier than 60g. A minimum of 90% of the addresses must be fully and accurately Postcoded.

* Postage cost savings depend on quantity, weight, database quality and postage class (Mailsort 1, Mailsort 2 etc.)